Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Rollartista Performances

We were planning to do a performance outside the museum Friday but it rained so we did it inside. Luckily, inside the floor surface was smooth skating. Saturday we we went to four spots at night in Castellon--near a skate park, a parking lot, near the city park and a central plaza. I didnt expect us to be so interesting to kids at night but they asked us lots of questions and followed us around...and some Muslim women with their babies in a plaza, a guy from Chile, some old Valenciano couples and random passersby. I handed out all of our flyers we had with the stories of police abuse and did my moves while Talice worked the Playstation controller and projections. It was hard to find dark (for projection) but public places with good surfaces for dancing in Castellon but we tryed. (Castellon is VERY well lit at night.) After skating all night and some beers and ice cream we got on the plane together to Madrid and then parted ways back to Mexico City and Boulder, Colorado. Hope they send us the video soon. The video is thanks to Curo who followed us all over the city with a camera on foot in his off hours, and these photos are thanks to the beautiful James of Los Angeles, another artist in Cyberfem.


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